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In the past few years there has been a tremendous demand for quality information about performance drugs and heath supplements. Hundreds of claims are made everyday by suppliers and users of these drugs. New formulations are constantly being introduced. This site attempts to document and consolidate the staggering amount of hard-to-find information and become a resource to everyone interested in the subject.

All information found in this site is for educational purposes only. It does not and should not replace the advise of your physician. None of the information is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a physician prior to beginning any diet, exercise or supplement program.


Meditation: An Alternative to Medication

Pain, Pain, Float Away
For people who suffer from chronic pain, meditation may be the first step to recovery.


HGH-Clinical Studies James R. Hughes, MD, Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D.
Human growth hormone (hGH) receives a good deal of public attention for the ability to build lean body mass, increase physical performance, enhance immune function, and improve body composition and shape.
The First Authentic Antidepressant by Claude Rifat
GHB was discovered by a friend of mine (the late Dr Henri Laborit who introduced the use of chlorpromazine in psychiatry around 1952) in 1961 in France.
GHB Demonization Proceeds in States by Ward Dean
Gamma hydroxy butyric acid (GHB) is a substance that was quietly sold in health food stores during the late 1980s.



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